New iMoba 2022 APK Download App Latest Part 96 for Android

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29 Dec 2022
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Android 5.0
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The gaming industry has got a vital position in the 21st century in promoting gaming apps and injectors. If you are an active mobile games players, injectors must be known too because they enhance the beauty of the game by providing you with some extra features to enjoy. They give you the skins, weapons, and moves that help you in one way or another to compete with your enemy in the game making you remarkable in the game. There are thousands of apps helping you to reach the best level in the game but, we have brought you an app called New iMoba 2022 APK which will help you the best among all other apps through its fascinating features. This app has got so much for mobile gamers, making them the leading players among other competitors.


It is one of the best injector apps which enables you to unlock the effects like drone view, skins and costumes, weapons, and moves that help you compete with the challenger. This app is basically developed by BangMamet and is used as an alternative for I-Moba Bangmamet, N.I.X Injector, and mythical Glory Injector. The updated version of this app contains many new interesting features that a player loves and needs in the game.

Features of New iMoba 2022 APK

The app has great features which keep on updating with time and the latest versions. The following are some of the properties of the New iMoba 2022 APK;

  1. Availability of skins:
    Skins are the most important part of the games where they play a vital role in getting yourself different from others and it helps in the decoration more specifically. This app helps you unleash the skins and enjoy all the skins.
  2. Effects:
    The app has got another feature that is it enables you to use effects like drone-view helping you to find your enemy easily and lead the game toward winning. This feature actually helps you win the game by following your enemy.
  3. Customize Map:
    This feature has always helped the player to find out the way as well as the enemy by directing the pro player to reach the target in time and more smoothly than others. It helps you identify the red zone and create a soft corner for yourself to protect yourself from the enemy.
  4. More effects:
    The app has got so many interesting effects like battle effects which include battle emotes, custom intro ML, Recall effects,s, and Elimination effects. These features make the game more exciting and crispy.
  5. Updated version:
    This is the latest version of the app that has got all the new and previous features. As the app gets updated, you will find new features and they will create more suspense and twist in the game to encounter your enemies.
  6. May contain Ads:
    With so many features, there comes this feature that you might not like but, to enjoy all other features you have to tolerate this spice. This does not contain long ads but, ads in secs, and then you will be in the game with the same energy.


New iMoba 2022 APK contains all the features you will need to lead the game and win. It is free to download and the downloading process is easier which is two steps away from you. You need to search for it and download it to enjoy the latest properties of the app. This app will create no problem and it is tested for its features which are amazing. We recommend you use this app from a new account instead of your own previous account as it can face account-banned problems. This app should be used with your own consent and any irregularity that happened will be your own responsibility and not the applications. If you were looking for a good Injector app for ML, you are here with the best app. Download it and enjoy your game by becoming the hero of the game.