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Jan 11 2023
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The world of E-gaming has gone far more than it could have in previous years. It has become a trend and a kind of fashion for the young generation where people earn money online through playing games. There are thousands of games available on the internet that are IQ-based and some are tricky enough to numb your brain. Axie Infinity is one of the popular play-to-earn games that exploded onto the global stage, where Axie is actually the name of a kind of creature.  This game is partially owned and operated by its players. This game includes earning tokens and deciding the future of the game. You can earn money easily once you get to know the tricks.

Primary Features of Axie Infinity

  • Battle: Battle includes turn-based card games. The main purpose of the player is to defeat his opponent in any way possible. Each side consists of three axes; each Axie NFT has different characteristics, making it more convenient for every character of the game. It also has states like health, fashion, skills, etc. that affect axie’s performance. Moreover, each Axie belongs to a class; beast, aquatic, star, moon, and many more.
  • Breeding: This is one of the most interesting things that you have the option to breed your offspring.  You can sell, reproduce and even you can use it in battles. It contains three genes basically but each Axie NFT can only be multiplied 7 times as Axie infinity controls the number of Axie to handle price increases. Every time you breed an axie costs you 0.002 ETH. You may also get a small love potion (SLP), which is an ERC_20 token that is earned on every transaction.
  • Land: also known as Lunacia and is divided into 90601 plots each single costs ERC_721. Once you earn it, it becomes your home and you can upgrade by making sales.
  • Marketplace: you can make sales here in the Axie market; you can also make sales in the NFT market. You can buy plots of land too.


This is a play-to-earn game where anyone can play and earn as much as they want to. The uniqueness it has in the form of token ERC-721 makes it even more fantastic as they can be used to earn what you please and they are used in place of currency as they are not currency themselves. Your interest and skills can take you beyond what you expect through this platform. So what’s stopping you from entertaining this amazing newly introduced game? Go and enjoy your time and earn money.

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