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15 Jan 2023
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AdAway is a free ad-blocking application for Android that is open-source. The application enables users to block ads from their applications, websites, and games. It is easy to download and install and provides a free, simple alternative to other popular ad-blocking applications.

What is adAway?

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AdAway is a free and open-source application that helps users avoid advertisements. It can be used to block ads from websites, apps, and video games. The interface is simple and easy to use.

You can install adAway on most Android devices, but it works better on rooted ones. Rooting your device will allow you to access the host files and other features of the app.

AdAway uses a special file called a host file, which matches server names with addresses. This file is stored in the read-only part of your Android system. If you want to add a new domain to your white list, simply modify the host file. Once you have modified the host file, ads from that domain will not be served.

You can also add sites to your blacklist. Blacklisting blocks only certain ads.

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Download AdAway APK

AdAway is an ad-blocking app that helps you to avoid advertisements, pop-ups, and other annoying messages. It has an easy-to-use interface, which lets you choose from a wide variety of options, including blacklisting, whitelisting, blocking, and adding sites to a general or customized list.

This app is available for free. You can download it from our website or other third-party stores. The app has been certified by more than 50 trusted antivirus programs.

After installing it on your Android device, you can check the app’s performance, and also blacklist or whitelist specific websites. When visiting a website, AdAway automatically blocks ads, thereby helping you to reduce the amount of data you use.

The app is compatible with almost all Android devices. In addition, it offers many features, including ad-blocking, pop-up blockers, and privacy protection.


  • Ad-Free Browsing
    AdAway is a desktop application and mobile app that provides ad-blocking functionality. It is also a reputable source of ad-free browsing.
  • Best Performance in rooted devices
    The program is open source and can be downloaded for free. One caveat is that it is best used on a rooted device. If not, you will miss out on some of the features and functions that make it so slick.
  • Block Ads on Games
    This tool will block all the ads from games installed on your device.
  • Block Ads on Websites
    It will block ads on websites to save your data.
  • Block Pop-up Ads
    It will also block pop-up ads.
  • Privacy Protection
    adAway is one of the best applications to protect your device privacy.

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