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Nov, 10, 2022
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On an average day, we experience a lot of emotions and feelings about various events and instances. There are days when a person feels really happy and then there are days when a person feels distressed without any reason and you keep figuring out yourself. Sometimes the mood swings and cranky feelings ruin your day and at the end of the day, you are clueless of the reasons. Mental well-being is just as important as physical well-being. To plan your schedule, you keep track of your activities, working hours, free time and leisure time et cetera. That is how you figure most things out in a day. But when it comes to your moods, you do not give it any time and thought. Just like you keep a diary for your schedule and work, what if we told you that you can keep a diary of your emotions and keep track of your mental well-being? That sounds surprising, right? But it also sounds a bit complicated because emotions are not just as easy as your other tasks are. And what if we told you we just have the right application for you that could track your emotions for you and you can log into your daily mood in this app. Mooda Mod APK just does that and without you even doing an effort, it lets you know your average mood for you to work on.

Mooda Mod APK is a great journal for your mood and feelings. Just like you log in your daily tasks in your schedule book, you can also log your mood and feeling in this application. By doing that, you can keep track of your day and how you feel about it. This application will keep track of your feelings and mood and let you know the average mood you are in throughout the day, throughout the week, and throughout the month as well. It will make you realize what part of your mood you need to work on. You will also know the times of the day you feel a certain way. You can also add details and descriptions about your mood along with the Polaroid pictures and frames as well. It is a very fun way to keep track of your mental well-being. This application offers great features, let’s have a look at those below

App Features

  • There are a lot of moods that you can choose from. You can choose the right mood for your day according to your feelings.
  • Along with the mood, you can also upload a Polaroid frame to better describe it.
  • You can also put a description of your mood and keep a log of your activities.
  • You can also edit and delete the recorded logs whenever you want.
  • This application is available on a single shake of your phone. Shake the phone to know your average mood of the day.
  • There are different fonts available for you to type in.
  • You can also share your moods and feelings with your friends through this application.

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Download the Mooda Mod APK for Android

  • Download the Mooda Mod APK File on your device
  • Install it and start logging your moods!