NoRoot Firewall

Firewall WITHOUT ROOT. Host name/domain name filtering, simple interface, fine-grained access control and no suspicious permissions on the firewall app itself.
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Aug, 25, 2022
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Android 5.0
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NoRoot Firewall is a great piece of software that protects your privacy and keeps your mobile privacy intact. The unique feature of the NoRoot Firewall APK is that it does not rely on any root access to get installed. No Root firewall is an ideal solution for users who do not want their activities on the internet monitored or blocked. With NoRoot Firewall, you can browse the net and surf without feeling like your activities are being tracked. No Root Firewall is a tool that protects your privacy and helps your device to run smoothly.

NoRoot Firewall has a simple and easy-to-use interface that allows you to configure and manage the rules for the NoRoot Firewall. NoRoot Firewall is a web-based program that offers complete control over rules based on IP address and domain name. You can choose to block specific domains and IP addresses or you can allow them. No Root Firewall gives you the freedom to decide what to do with your phone as per your choice and does not depend on any other external factors. No Root Firewall does not demand ROOT.

NoRoot Firewall is an ideal alternative for people who want more control over their browsing and surfing and don’t want their browsing data and personal data on the Internet. NoRoot firewall can be used for managing e-mail, control access to personal data on your android device, block sites and apps, control your phone settings, etc. No Root firewall is a stand-alone program that can be used independently and with No rooting your device you can perform all these functions on your own. No Root firewall can be downloaded directly to your android device or can be installed on your computer and connected to your android device through USB or Wi-Fi.

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What's new

- Android 10 support - Filter import/export