SKBA Modz WhatsApp APK Download 2024 Latest v137 for Android

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27 Jan 2023
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Android 5.0
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SKBA Modz is an advanced version of the popular social application WhatsApp. The SKBA Modz WhatsApp offers you some more features that the original app doesn’t. That’s the reason people love the SKBA Modz APK. Follow me till the end of this article, I will tell your every and each thing about this application.

In the world of technology where everything is done online/electronically, social apps have made their own place in the most used applications. Social apps allow you to connect with your families, relatives, friends, and people around you, updating you directly or indirectly about the happenings. Besides the advantages human gets from these apps, there needs to make sure about the security and privacy of the content you share on such apps. There are numerous apps that contain the same features but, you can not use all of them so to make it easier you choose one that fits you the most. Whatsapp is one of the most used global app that enables you to connect with the world in the very easy way possible. But think of an application same to WhatsApp but, more secure and private to make you feel more at ease and comfortable. Yes, we have got you that application called SKBA Modz Whatsapp. This is an amazing alternative to the original messaging application. It has got its place in the global market due to its features, the highlights of which are chats and groups you are in contact with are hidden and safe, it alerts you about any inconvenience and the contacts online at the time, even about the profile pictures they change.

SKBA Modz Whatsapp is made in a way that encourages the features like color adaption, you can change the color according to your favorite colors and moods. Colorful themes and chat backgrounds make it more fascinating for the user. You can also use this app to send files, pictures, videos, attachments, and many more.

Features of SKBA Modz

The fan it has got in a very small span of time is due to the high qualities it contains making people satisfied and happy that includes;

  1. Smooth and Secure Chats:
    Your chats with your families and friends are safe and no one outside can read them. Only you have access to your chats and alerts will be made when your account gets insecure.
  2. Hide Last Seen
    Hide your last seen status to everyone. No one can see your last active status. With the help of SKBA Modz, you can easily hide your last seen.
  3. Download WhatsApp Status
    The original version of WhatsApp only allows you to view the status. But this mod will help you to download any status of your Whatsapp friends.
  4. Alerts about the changes:
    The app alerts you about the changes made like profile updates, statuses updated by any of your contacts, and the messages they sent you but deleted afterward.
  5. Privacy:
    It gives you the choice to hide your online status and the blue ticks that confirms the messages are read can be converted into blue-less condition, making it look like you have not read the messages yet and even the double ticks can be hidden. Your contacts can not even see when you are typing. It even gives you access to their statuses privately without notifying them.
  6. Helps you send stuff:
    This app allows you to send files, pictures, videos and attachments and large files can also be sent through this app without causing any problems.
  7. Blocking option: It has the option to block the contacts you do not feel comfortable with without giving them the notification and they will remain blocked until and unless you unblock them.

If you want to try any alternative to this app you can use FMWhatsApp and JtWhatsApp. Both apps offer the same features.


This application has gone viral and is used worldwide by people of every age and class. The easy to use and run feature has encouraged people with little idea about social apps to use it without any hesitation. The downloading procedure is only two-step which involves searching the app name on google and clicking the download option. The interesting news is, it does not require any special device and you can download it on the simple android phone you normally use. This is the most trusted application so far to keep your chats secure and private. If you are reading this and got the idea, just go, download it, and enjoy the app.