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UC Web Inc
Sep, 01, 2022
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UC Handler is an award-winning web browser for mobiles powered by UC Web Inc. It enables you to access your favorite web pages on the go. UC Handler Free Internet is the new browser offering for the masses. The team, headed by UCWeb, developed this web browser for people suffering from problems related to the slow speed of the web pages. The web browsers run on the Android Mobile platform and offer a user-friendly interface for the end-user.

What is UC Handler APK?

UC Handler APK is the latest release of the popular web browser, which enables users to enjoy high-speed internet surfing on their mobile phones. It’s a fast and useful internet browser. UC Handler is an efficient and extremely simple web browser.

The latest version of UC Handler v10.7.2 offers users an enhanced security feature. Users can now customize what information should be shown while start surfing. This is done by right-clicking on the UC browser handler icon while browsing. Now you can see all the options available. This enables better control of what should be shown on your cell phone screen.

You can use the UC Browser by downloading its latest version for free and try it out for yourself. This gives you an insight into the service offered by this amazing browser. In this mini-guide, we look at some of the best features offered in this wonderful browser:

Featues of UC Handler APK

First of all, the user has the option to start surfing the web via Wi-Fi or 3G. If you are using a mobile phone, this is especially useful for you as well as the other Wi-Fi-enabled devices. If you are also using an internet tablet, UC Handler v10.7.2 provides the functionality you need with the app which supports tablets. It will enable you to access websites like Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, Amazon Kindle, and many more without any compatibility issues. This is very useful especially if you have an iPad, which has been crashing a lot lately.

Another great feature in this latest version of the UC Handler app is its integration with Facebook Connect. With the help of the app, you can exchange your bookmarks with your friends who have the same browser installed. The networking capabilities offered by the app allow you to download files from the internet. Moreover, you can also download the apps that are recommended for your UC Browser and manage them through the app. This means that you don’t need to download the apps one by one if you are using the browser on your android devices because everything will automatically be downloaded in one place.

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