XVideoStudio Video Editor APK Download Latest 2024 for Android

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Xvideostudio Video Editor
Aug, 23, 2022
Android 4.0
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XVideoStudio Video Editor is a free Android-compatible video editing and creation tool that allows you to make stunning videos by adding special effects and filters. Using this amazing application, you can easily export a video to MPG4, AVI, MP4, MKV file formats, or even both! Best of all, this amazing tool is fully automated so you won’t need any technical skills or training to use it. It comes with a user-friendly interface that is extremely easy to use.

It has a huge number of effects and filters which gives your videos a stunning look. This application is specially designed for Android to edit videos. This app has a cool and simple user-friendly interface that gives you the best video editing experience.

This is a very powerful video editing tool for Android and it works fine in that field. It will never harm your device in any case. You can edit any kind of video file by using this app.

XVideoStudio Video Editor APK

If you are looking for the best video editing tool for Android? Then your searching might be ending after reaching this page. This is the fastest and easy way to create good-looking videos at your fingertips. This app has all the advanced video editing features such as add music, remove music, slow or faster a video, and much more stunning features.


Before going to download the XVideoStudio Video Editor APK on your Android device let’s have to talk about its powerful features which are recently added in this latest version. Must check the features listed below before going to download it.

  1. Edit HD Videos
    This application has the ability to edit high definitation videos. You can easily edit HD videos by using this video editor app.
  2. Adjust Video Speed
    It also allows you to control your video spped according to your choice. Create faster and slow motion videos easily within minutes.
  3. Merge Videos
    If you have lot of video clips and you want to merge them? Then you can easily do it by using XVideoStudio Video Editor app. This is a great feature to create videos for YouTube and other social sites.
  4. Video Reversing
    This also allows you to reverse a video. Reverse means playing a video from opposite site.
  5. Remove or Add Sound
    Adding or removing sound from a video clip is alos a great feature. You can easily add or remove sound from your videos.
  6. Compress The Video
    Compressing feature is the best feature to decrease the video size. Many times we face a problem with the size of the video. Now we have the best video editor to compress the video size and make them in smal size format.
  7. Easy and Simple
    If you don’t have any video editing skills? Then don’t worry. You don’t need any technical skills to use this app. It’s very easy to use and also very easy to understand.
  8. Free To use
    This app is completely free. You don’t need to pay for anything.
  9. 100% Safe and Secure
    It will never harm your device. So don’t worry about that. Just foucus on creating professional videos.
  10. Extra Fast Working
    This app is 3X faster than any other app. You will be 100% staisfied with the app.

Final Words about XVideoStudio Video Editor

You can create stunning videos using this unique editor. This is an extremely easy-to-use video editing application that is capable of creating professional-looking videos without any prior experience. XVideoStudio Video Editor is an innovative video editing tool, which offers users a user-friendly interface complete with professional features. XVideoStudio Video Editor also offers a huge library of digital video effects and transitions, as well as an advanced photo editing application.

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