PUBG New State
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Sep, 19, 2022
73 MB APK | 1.2 GB OBB
Android 4.0
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Games are a huge part of the entertainment world. People of all ages love games and what they wouldn’t do to play a good game in their leisure time. Gone are the times when you required a whole set of gears and devices to plug in a good game. All the games are now available at the snap of your fingers. We are referring today to a game that has lighted the gaming world on fire and players are just crazy after it. It is almost a global game that everybody adores. Yes, you got it right. We are talking about the PLAYERSUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS, the infamous PUBG that millions and millions of people love. Well, after the Battle Royale, PUBG is all set to amaze the players with the PUBG New State APK.

With all the new and exciting features and forthcoming experiences, PUBG New State is going to light up your screens of flames because that’s what you feel when you play the masterpiece. With the expansion into the PUBG universe with more realistic gameplay and interactive graphics and visuals, the all-new PUBG New State APK is ready to rock you. Not just these, it is full of new and exciting features that will amaze you. Why don’t you join us while we elaborate on them for you? Keep reading!


Thrilling Gear

In the new PUBG New State APK, there are all the thrills that a player needs to get indulged.  The fights have just become greater and you have to do whatever it takes to be the last man standing. There are new vehicles, new weapons, and thrilling gear that aids you in surviving the battle.

Graphics and Visuals

In the PUBG New State APK, the graphics exceed the limit of reality and make you feel the gameplay as intensively as possibly could. With much-improved stability and optimization, the all-new PUBG: New State APK sports the exalting graphics and visuals to entertain you.

Realistic and Dynamic Gunplay

The battleground in the PUBG New State APK is vast and 100 fighters are surrounding it. The gear you need to survive is extraordinary. The customization you get in the guns makes the whole battling experience ultra-thrilling. Imagine getting that in the palms of your hands.

New Mechanics

With the all-new PUBG New State APK, you get the dodging, tossing, and turning with the drone calls and support requests. You get new vehicles to move across the battleground and all of this creates immersive gameplay for you.

Dawn of PUBG Universe

The PUBG New State APK takes you to the year 2051 with its ultra-cool graphics, visuals, vehicles, sounds, guns, and battleground experience. It feels like the PUBG Universe is wholesomely expanded and there are endless opportunities for you to conquer it all. An all-new era starts for the PUBG Players that lets them feel the ultimate battleground experience.

How to Download PUBG New State APK?

  • Download the PUBG New State APK File
  • Install it in your device
  • Open it after its done, the PUBG New State APK is ready for you.

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