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Verify proper root (superuser or su) access is configured and working using Root Checker! Free, fast, easy, and used on over 50 million Android devices, Root Checker shows the user whether or not root (superuser) access is properly installed and working.
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Dec 2022
Varies with device
Varies with device
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Having an application like SB Root Checker, which can help you get rid of bloatware and junk applications, can save you a lot of time. It also helps you to keep your phone’s memory up to date and free of bugs, which can cause crashes. And it can also make your phone faster by fixing software errors.

What is SB Root Checker?

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Root Checker APK Download for Android

Several root-checking apps are available on the Google Play Store. Some of these apps are free while others require payment. Root Checker APK is one of the free apps which allows you to test your Android device. This app will tell you if your device is rooted, how many permissions you have, and if it is compatible with other devices. You can also read reviews and comments left by other users.

This app is easy to use and it is fast. You can install it on any Android device. You can also share the results with other people. You can download it from the official website or from the Play Store.

Root Checker APK is one of the best apps available on the Play Store. This app is free to download and you can install it on your device by following the instructions.


Whether you are a beginner or a professional, Root Checker is a great tool that lets you check whether your device is rooted. The app is lightweight and easy to use. The app provides detailed information about your device’s root status. Moreover, it provides useful tips and instructions about how to use the app.

The application uses the SafetyNet API, part of the Google Play Service Framework, to check the real status of your device. The API compares your device with other devices and determines if it is rooted. If it is, you can use superuser applications and perform commands through the ” ” app.

If your device is rooted, you will be able to take advantage of hidden features and improve the performance of your device. You can also share your experiences with friends and family.

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App Requirements

Using the Root Checker app on your Android device is an easy way to check if it is rooted. This app is free to download from Google Play. It will check if your device is rooted and display a message if it is not.

To install the Root Checker app, you first need to create a BlueStacks instance. If you have not already done so, go to the Manage and Check Root section of BlueStacks. Double-click on the Root Checker app to launch it. Alternatively, you can launch it by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + B keys. Then, you will need to enable the SuperSU permission.

Before you launch the Root Checker app, make sure you’re using a BlueStacks instance that is completely booted. If it isn’t, try the BlueStacks Tweaker app or the System Tools Android app.


What's new

** Added Like buttons and counters for Root Basics
** Added swipe to refresh for Verify Root
** Added Rankings for most popular
** Added Welcome Screens for first-time users
** Bug fixes and performance improvements