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August 2022
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Getting likes on Facebook has become the latest craze in social networking. Almost every young student desires to have a Facebook account so that they can keep in touch with their friends. Moreover, it allows the user to show their favorite videos, pictures, or any other content on their wall, to everyone. This makes Facebook an all-in-one social platform. Getting likes is easy but getting a high number of likes is a bit more difficult, as this process takes some time. If you want to get a huge number of likes instantly, then you must try the 4G Liker app. It is completely free and you will increase likes on your Facebook activities by using the app. Just download and install the app to start getting unlimited free likes.

4G Liker (Auto Liker) is a free app developed by 4Liker; this app allows you to raise likes on your Facebook content, photos, and comments. As compared to other auto liker applications, The 4G Liker works better. Unlike other Liker applications, the success of the 4G Liker app is dependent on the quality content that you will be able to post. If you want to be more popular on Facebook, then this application is for you.

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There are two ways of using the Liker application; one is the manual way while the other one is the automated way. The manual method will require you to log on to the 4G Liker app on an android device and through the right button you need to click on the ‘start button then you need to fill in the details required by the test page. After you finish filling in the details, the test page will be shown and you just need to submit your Android device for testing. The automated method on the other hand requires you to simply run the test app on your android device, this method does not require any steps, all you need to do is to connect your device with the computer and you can simply browse the test gallery and you can also upload the screenshots from your device and after uploading the screenshots, simply share them on your Twitter account or post them in your blog.