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07 feb 2023
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Fikfap is a social platform for creating and sharing adult videos. It has the same features as the TikTok app. But you must be 18+ to use this app.

Technology has reached its highest level and social media is the crux of the technological world. People use social media in a way making it a routine and it seems like it is a basic need for humankind. Addiction is increasing day by day in people of different classes, groups, and ages. One of the most popular apps named as Tiktok is the most known and famous app among youngsters since last many years. The app provides a platform for interested people who are good at acting, and singing and show multi-talents there. It helps you create short clips and uploading them on the app gives access to other people to watch and enjoy your videos. You can use this platform to spread any message, for promotions, for advertisement purposes, and most important one is to highlight your skills which are ignored by people in real life. Just like the Tiktok app, the Korean version of this app is the Fikfap app, which is used to make short videos.

Fikfap App

Fikfap app is an app just like TikTok that provides you the platform to make videos but, this app contains some kind of content that is not suitable for kids under 18. This app is used by people to experience some spicy kinds of content and this app is getting popular so fast. Another name for this app could be Tiktok 18 Plus, used by people of age 18 plus to enjoy the spicy content people make here.

Mentioning the age limit was meant to spread awareness and tell kids not to download it as it does contain some sensitive data not good for the kids. For kids, there is Tiktok app which provides entertainment, and people under 18 are supposed to stay away from this app.

Features of the Fikfap App

  • Copy of Tiktok: This acts as a platform for people to show their talent but, also should limit the sensitivity to some level. This has the power to spread any news quickly in just seconds around the world.
  • Adult content Creating and sharing: It contains content suitable only for 18-plus users and you have the option of sharing videos and short clips on the app and on other apps too. This makes it easier to send it to anyone you know and saves time.
  • Discover new people: It helps you discover new people on the app and suggests you the contacts you have who use this app and the addition of their accounts to your own account enables you to chat and send videos on the same app between you both.
  • Ads-free and privacy maintenance: It does not contain Ads and your chats with others are secure here. You have the option of creating groups of your friends and sharing videos easily there. Only people added to the group will have access to the messages exchanged between you both.


This app is no doubt an application containing 18 plus content but is easily accessible and available on many websites openly. This application gives you entertainment and you will have an app for fun but, if you are under 18, this is not for you. This application works only in selected regions but, people are downloading and making use of it so fast and quick response has been observed. This app is not a trusted app and I am not sure about the healthy and reputable content it provides. I would suggest everyone reading this article install the app, observe yourself by watching and checking the content it has and if you feel uncomfortable or vulgar, you can remove it at the same time. I would not conclude this writing by suggesting you download it but I will leave this to you. It is your choice to go for it or go against it.