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Innerloop Studios
August 2022
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Project IGI was firstly developed in Europe on December 15, 2000. It is simply a tactical first-person Shooter Game designed by Innerloop Studios and released on December,15,2000 by Eidos interactive. And it is also the first-ever game that features tactical combat situations and realistic weaponry.

History of Project IGI (Story Line)

The story follows Agent Jones’, his main mission is to capture Josef Pribio to extract about a Stolen Warhead.
To achieving this purpose, this game will take you to different jobs, missions, and locations. These all things help you to get closer to the location of Josef.

If you just completed one mission, another challenge is automatically unlocked. This game is published by EIDOS Interactive, This game is offering multiple stealths, missions, challenges, and weapons comparing with (call of duty, GTA.V, and PUBG.

It is one of the most interesting games for action-loving fans. The Dangerous Life Of Secret Agent. The main idea of the game IGI is to avoiding and preventing terrorism. It is dark of retrieving a nuclear warhead that is stolen by the army.

The game starts in a Discreet Location in the Soviet Union and requires you to collect extract critical information from along time contact. The person we would be held at Estonia’s military field, and you have to protect him from death and torture.

The Game Play

You have to know that project IGI is a single-player game. It has 14 tough missions, which are large and as well as complex.

And you can’t save the game in the middle of the mission until you didn’t complete the whole. Even when you set the difficulty level to the ”lowest”, again some missions will be much tougher to complete.

Another rule of the game is that it wouldn’t let you restart from the point of the game where your character dies.
Instead, you have to restart from the starch that adds to the complexity of the game.

It would be great to see an automatic save added to the game since the main objective is to infiltrate military bases.
You have to run into Horder of security guards.

You have to lookout be some of them will be expecting your arrival, and they will try their best to take you down with spirit rifles and where you can’t even see them. Death and in every corner death and quarrels wait for you.

If we come to the AL mechanism, it still needed to be improved and spotty. If you will kill their comrades the enemies don’t react.

Similarly, guards can appear out of nowhere killing your character without fair play.


Desert Eagle, Shipper Rifle, GLOCK 17, Spas 12, MP5, Pancor, Automatic shotgun, M16, UZI, Minimi, Hard grenade, and more.

An Interactive Shooter Game

Project IGI is enjoyable and interesting for shooting game fans, as compared to other alternative games of their era. This has different gameplay styles.

Final Words About Project IGI

Finally, I would like to say that Project IGI is one of the best action game nowadays. If you want to download the latest version of Project IGI APK? then tap on the download button at the top.

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